Atmosphere is the foundation

Always try to do the massage during a warm, quiet place — indoors or outdoors.

  • Before starting the massage please remove your jewelry/ ornaments.
  • Sit comfortably on the ground or a bed and position your baby on a blanket or towel ahead of you.
  • Place your baby on his or her back in to maintain eye contact.

Loving & Caring touch is important

When you first start massaging your baby, use a mild touch. Avoid tickling your baby, however, which could irritate or uneasy for him or her. As your baby grows, use a firmer touch.

Apply proper massage techniques

  • Start by placing your baby on his or her stomach and spending one minute each rubbing different areas, including your baby’s head, neck, shoulders, upper back, waist, thighs, feet and hands.
  •  After that, place your baby on his or her back and spend one minute each extending and flexing your baby’s arms and legs, then both legs at an equivalent time.
  • Finally, together with your baby either on his or her back or stomach, repeat the rubbing motions for an additional five minutes.

Get Relaxed

  •  Communicate with your baby during the massage. You might sing a song or tell a story.
  • You can repeat your baby’s name and help him or her release tension.

Use of Oil

While using massage oil, make sure to buy one that’s odorless and edible since your baby may get it in their mouth.

To test the oil by applying a small dab to a patch of your baby’s skin. Check to see if your baby has a reaction. As this is important for babies with allergies or sensitive skin.

Baby response

  • Look at baby response as baby jiggles his or her arms and seems happy, he or she is going enjoying the massage and you’ll continue.
  •  If your baby turns his or her head far away from you or appears restless or unhappy or uneasy, stop the massage and can try again later.