Why my weight is not gaining?

Most people are struggling to put on weights but not succeed to achieve required body average weight. So what are the reasons? So here we will discuss some of common reasons.

Some common causes

GeneticsUnderweight person are thin since their childhood that means it runs in your family, as they have higher-than-usual metabolism and have small appetite naturally that prevent to gain weight.

Excess Calorie burning – Due to high physical activity, there is lots of calories burnout which results in loss of body weight.

Illness – Illness can affect appetite and your body’s ability to use and store food. loss of weight without trying, it may be a sign of diseases like thyroid problems, diabetes.

Medicines & drugs – Many pharmaceutical drugs can cause nausea and weight loss.

Psychological Stress & depression can impact on eating habits which results in weight loss.

Some Useful Tips

  • Do weight training but reduce aerobics exercise as excess sweating will cause weight loss.
  • Eat more calories than your body burns
  • Take plenty of fluids to activate body metabolism
  • Eat fresh seasonal fruits & vegetables as vitamins are essentials for weight management
  • Increase The number of protein meals
  • Avoid medications and supplements that could cause weight loss.
  • Include high proteins along with calories
  • Take quality sleep at night & if required at afternoon also.
  • Try weight gainer protein shakes.
  • Don’t drink water before meals.
  • Include healthy fats in your regular diet.

Overall, to keep your body fit and fine, you need to change some habits & follow healthy lifestyle.